Pembroke Township, located in Kankakee County in northern Illinois, consists of savanna and shrubland habitat scattered among homes and businesses. The township has been noted as one of the poorest areas in the state.

Ornithological Summary

A distinct suite of birds uses Pembroke Township's sandy shrublands and savannas for breeding. These include Blue Grosbeak, Bell's Vireo, Lark Sparrow, Orchard Oriole, Yellow-breasted Chat, Northern Mockingbird, Red-headed Woodpecker and Summer Tanager. Pembroke Township is the farthest north that some of these species breed in the state.

This site was chosen as an IBA because it met the criteria for breeding Red-headed Woodpecker.


Pembroke Township consists of sandy shrublands and savannas interspersed with homes and businesses.

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