Trafton Island is a small island in outermost Narraguagus Bay. Only one mile offshore, this island is largely forested with several small coves on its perimeter. A recent microburst storm leveled some of the forest there.

Ornithological Summary

The island has a long established heronry. In 1995, 80 nesting Great Blue Herons could be found here. The island has not been formally surveyed in the interim though numbers of nests are believed to be similar or slightly less. A Bald Eagle nest is located near the center of the island.

Conservation Issues

Concerns are few with the exception of those generally facing coastal habitats: oil spill, overboard discharge, pollution. Heronries in Maine are somewhat ephemeral, so a decline at this site would be consistent with observations at many other island heronries.


The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife holds only a conservation easement on this property. There is no public access.

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