This mix of state, federal (US Forest Service) and private
land is at the northeastern-most natural extent of ponderosa pine forest.  The vegetation overstory is ponderosa pine,
with western juniper, bur oak, green ash, creeping junip, and skunk sumac in
the understory.  

Conservation Issues

Fire exclusion and historical logging has resulted in this
area being overstocked with young (small diameter) ponderosa pines.  This has appartently benefited some species,
such as yellow-rumped warblers and sharp-shinned hawks, but has likely reduced
habitat quality for species such as red crossbills.   Two
large fires burned portions of this area in the last 10 years.  Forest thinning projects have been conducted
on all landowerships in recent years in an attempt to increase fire


The entire IBA is state school land managed by the ND Land
Department, private ranchland (mostly owned by the Logging Camp and Jacobson
Ranches), and federal land managed by the US Forest Service’s Dakota Prairie

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