Offshore area about 25 km wide along the Western Alaska coast from Quinhagak to Cape Newenham.

Ornithological Summary

The area is assumed to be important for White-winged Scoters (>3,300 recorded molting in late September, 1997 (W.Larned, pers.comm.). They are scattered throughout the area to at least 20 km offshore, mostly south of Goodnews Bay up to 50,000 birds pass the area during molt migration (?).
A few hundreds of Red-throated loons were recorded along the coast (nearshore) in spring during migration. Close to half of Red-throated Loon population (25,000) stage in this offshore area in the fall prior to migration south (J. Schmutz, pers. com).
In spring migration ~ 200-300,000 King Eiders pass through and rest/feed briefly in the area (April early May). Important King eider molting area is centered 10 km offshore halfway between Goodnews Bay and Chagvan Bay (4,800 estimated late Sept. 1997).
During spring migration Steller's eiders use the offshore from Goodnews Bay to Jacksmith Bay to rest and feed briefly after the crossing from Alaska Peninsula and Alleutians. At times the entire population of Brant, Emperor Goose, King Eider, and Steller's eider move through this area.
The area from Kuskokwim River mouth to Jacksmith Bay (muddy bottom, turbid water) is used extensively by Greater Scaup at least during spring migration at least 5,000 birds, may be considerably more. Also a few thousand Red-breasted Mergansers can be seen during spring migration.

Until more recent data become available, however, this site is PENDING GLOBA/CONTINENTAL status.

Surveys conducted 1980s - on

Conservation Issues

Potential for pollution associated with mining activities and petroleum transportation, village expansion, and consumptive harvest/lead poisoning.




Inshore waters
Numerous subtidal shoals 1-3 fathoms deep (2-6m)
Coastal zone < 5 fathoms(10m) deep (up to 10 miles off shore )
Remainder of the area 4-17 fathoms deep (8-35m)

Land Use

Subsistence hunting and fishing

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