This state school land section is grazed annually by domestic
livestock; the site has a large colony of back-tailed prairie dogs on it.  The vegetation is short-grass to mixed-grass
prairie.  Common species include: western
wheatgrass, needle-and-thread, blue grama, and threadlead sedge.   

Conservation Issues

If prairie dog populations are poisoned and/or livestock
management is moderated, the site will likely transition to a latter seral
stage.  Furthermore, additional residual
cover would be retained.  These changes
would eliminate the site’s attractiveness to burrowing owl, long-billed curlew,
ferruginous hawk, golden eagle, and McCown’s longspur, but might improvide
suitability to Sprague’s pipit and Baird’s sparrow. 


The entire IBA is state school land managed by the ND Land

Land Use

The area is managed for livestock grazing as a means to
generate income to ND schools.  

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