Rock Creek drains water from the ridges and plateaus of central Klickitat County into the Columbia River. As a continuous water source, Rock Creek attracts abundant bird life. The brushy riparian vegetation (alder, black hawthorn, willow, red-osier dogwood, cottonwood, and many non-native species), dry hillsides, and canyon walls provide nesting and feeding habitat for a variety of birds. Rock Creek is a tributary of the Columbia River. The mouth of Rock Creek is a slow moving and sheltered inlet of the Columbia River.

Ornithological Summary

Because this is part of the east Cascades oak belt there are many species unique to this area in Washington State. This area also attracts many birds that are at the extralimital edge of their ranges.

Ash-throated Flycatcher population at this site is the largest number in Washington I know of. Western Scrub Jay, eastern-most breeding population in WA.

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