This site is owned by Georgia Power and was established as a buffer for Plant Scherer, a large coal burning power plant. A large reservoir, Lake Juliette (3600 acres) was constructed in the mid- to late-1970s to provide cooling water for the power plant. Two additional impoundments, the Fly Ash pond (~750 acres) and the Settling Basin (~250 acres), are located near the power plant. A manmade wetland called the M.A.R.S.H (Matching Aid for Restoration of Habitat) was constructed on the WMA in the 1980s as a cooperative project of Ducks Unlimited and Georgia DNR, WRD. The lake, Fly Ash Pond and to some extent, the Settling Basin provide a significant wintering spot for waterfowl. The M.A.R.S.H. project wetland serves as an important roosting area for migrating and wintering ducks, and a breeding area for Wood Ducks and wetland-associated songbirds. The uplands of the WMA consist of pine forest, mixed pine-deciduous forest, and deciduous forest with several grassy wildlife openings and fields.

Ornithological Summary

Sighting Source Key: 1=published reports,; 2=surveys (CBC; BBS; etc.); 3=personal observations; 4=other sources (specify)

area is important because it has a large number of wintering waterfowl and a
significant number of migrating and breeding landbirds, including many
neotropical migrant species and other birds of conservation concern, such as
Bachman’s Sparrow. It also provides winter habitat for many temperate migrants.
A pair of Bald Eagles nested adjacent to the lake for a number of years during
the late 1980s and early 1990s. Surveys of the waterfowl have been obtained for
~20 years by the GA DNR. Breeding songbirds have been monitored at several
locations using point counts for the past 6-7 years and a migration count has
been conducted at one location for a few years.

Conservation Issues

Highly fragmented landscape surrounding WMA
Conversion of some mature pine to plantation
Sprawl from Macon is spreading toward the WMA


LandOwner/Manager Contacts:Georgia Power Co., Glenn IvieBin# 10151, 241 Ralph McGill Blvd.Atlanta, GA  30308Phone: 404-506-6828

Land Use

Other: Utility right of way and Power plant buffer

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