This site covers 13 miles of the Salmon River as it winds through dry, open Ponderosa Pine forest. Many large snags line the river, providing ideal habitat for cavity nesting birds.

Ornithological Summary

The Salmon River is home to arguably the densest population of Lewis? Woodpeckers in the state. They nest in the snags along the river at a density of one pair per mile. Other species of interest that nest here include White-headed Woodpeckers, Canyon Wrens, MacGillivray?s Warblers, and White-throated Swifts. During the winter, Great Horned Owls, Red-tailed Hawks, and Bald Eagles can be found here.

Conservation Issues

There is a need to encourage management to work on protecting mature and dead Ponderosa Pines, and recruiting new Ponderosa Pines.


Steep sided canyon with lots of rock outcrops, cliffs, and grasses. Side drainages have riparian shrub species of plants and animals. Large Ponderosa pine and pine snags are important to Lewis? Woodpeckers. There is evidence of past fires.

Land Use

A favorite recreation area for many, as a camping, fishing, and boating site.

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