Pine Point Beach is just over three acres in size, and has 7,000 feet of sandy ocean frontage. A sensitive sand dune system borders the beach, along with substantial summer home development on either side.

Ornithological Summary

The beach is a regular nesting area for Piping Plovers with a high of four breeding pairs in 2002. The beach is a key feeding area for shorebirds in the spring and fall, with more than 2,000 birds and more than six species using the beach at one time.

Conservation Issues

Crowds of beach-goers and dogs off leash are the primary challenges to the success of nesting Piping Plovers each year. Changes in beach composition following seasonal storms also affect the suitability of the site from year to year.


The beach is owned by the Town of Scarborough, and there is parking in a paved lot for a fee.

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