Schodack is a narrow six-mile-long forested island in the Hudson
River just south of Albany. The site supports day-use activities with a
boat launch, eight miles of multi-use trails, and a bike trail. The site is
administered by NYS OPRHP and US Army Corps of Engineers.

Ornithological Summary

The area supported at least 18 Cerulean Warblers in 1997 and has
been used by this species since at least 1965. Ospreys and Bald Eagles
regularly use the area for roosting and perching. There is a Great Blue
Heron rookery on the island with over 50 pairs.

Conservation Issues

This site is listed in the 2002 Open Space Conservation Plan as a
priority site under the project name Hudson River Corridor Estuary
and Greenway Trail. A portion of the park has been designated a state
Bird Conservation Area (BCA). The BCA is within a Department
of State (DOS) Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat and a
DOS Significant Scenic Area. The BCA boundaries coincide with the
designated Hudson River Estuarine Sanctuary boundaries. This area
was previously relatively inaccessible and undeveloped, but a bridge
to the island, a small boat launch, picnic area, and camping area were
recently developed. The southern portion of the island where Bald
Eagles regularly roost is being managed by NYS OPRHP in consultation
with NYS DEC?s Endangered Species Unit. Potential disturbance of
eagles by dredge spoil dumping is being monitored. Inventory and
monitoring, particularly of breeding Cerulean Warblers, are needed.

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