The Sheep Range IBA is located on the eastern edge of the Desert National Wildlife Range. Much like the Spring Mountains to the southwest, elevational gradient and aspect provide a number of life zones/habitat types in this IBA. Beginning at the lowest elevation, one climbs through Mojave Shrub (creosote & yucca) in the wash of Deadman Canyon. Next, a traveler encounters pinyon-juniper forests, then ponderosa pine and aspen forest. Occasional springs and seeps at higher elevations offer limited water for wildlife. Understory in the mid-to-upper elevations is primarily sagebrush/Great Basin shrub community.

Ornithological Summary

The most northern limit for Mexican Whip-poor-wills, seven of which were located 7/12/97--this maybe the only place they are found in NV. In the arid mountains of southern NV, this area provides three different life zones, from upper Sonoran to transitional to Canadian zones, providing great habitat diversity for birds. Small seeps and springs provide much needed surface water for birds. The site is noteworthy for at least five species of concern in Nevada.

Conservation Issues

Flood events in the washes removes significant amount of vegetation and fragments the landscapes.


mostly pinyon-juniper, but also fir, pine at higher elevations. mostly springs and seeps.

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