Important Bird Areas

St. Sebastian River State Buffer Preserve


In extreme southern Brevard County and northern Indian River County, east from County Road 507 to the St. Sebastian River, and between Micco Road and County Road 512. Contiguous with part of the Brevard Scrub Ecosystem IBA to the north.

An extremely diverse site roughly 7 miles (11.2 km) north to south and east to west, along the western shore of St. Sebastian River. The Preserve receives 20,000 recreationists annually. Dogs and hunting are prohibited.

Ornithological Summary

The Preserve contains all birds of fire-maintained longleaf pine flatwoods, including a nearly significant population of Red-cockaded Woodpeckers, and also supports a significant population of Florida Scrub-Jays. Numbers of both species likely will increase with improved habitat management.

Additional Data:
Diversity, Jul 2002 list - 193 natives, 4 exotics

Conservation Issues

exotic plants, feral hogs


*longleaf pine flatwoods, *xeric oak scrub, *cypress swamp, *hardwood swamp, sandhills, temperate hammock, sand pine scrub, bayhead, mangrove forest, freshwater marsh, cattail marsh, riverine, lacustrine, non-native pasture, artificial

Land Use

*conservation, recreation, grazing