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California IBAs by Type

IBA Priority Number Acres
Global 82 13,954,543
State 95 5,757,316
Total 177 19,711,859

California's Important Bird Areas Program, launched in 1996, surged forward in 2000. Beginning in 2001, dozens of California field ornithologists, representing a broad range of agencies and affiliations, were interviewed and questioned about sites significant to bird populations in the state. These interviews, in combination with collecting data from around the state, and review by a technical committee, led to 145 sites becoming designated as Important Bird Areas. In 2004, Audubon published the book "Important Bird Areas of California" by Daniel S. Cooper. This network of IBAs is the cornerstone of Audubon's conservation activities in California. Their identification is guiding conservation at the chapter, state, and national levels of Audubon, and serves to showcase noteworthy habitat to other interested groups and agencies. In 2006, Audubon California prioritized IBAs based on bird value, degree of threat, and availability of conservation opportunities, and works with local chapters to conserve these sites and to develop systems to monitor their bird life. 

Audubon California has partnered with Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Point Blue Conservation Science to develop California eBird (https://ebird.org/region/US-CA) to gather bird abundance and distribution data at IBA sites into an online database. To assist with local planning efforts, Audubon California has developed maps of all IBA sites in California with the assistance of California Polytechnic Institute. We used ArcGIS to map sites and conduct analyses on habitat types, protection status, size, and other factors of interest. Visit our website to learn more about our program: http://ca.audubon.org/!
Text for California IBAs excerpted from "Important Bird Areas of California". Citation: Cooper, D.S. 2004. Important Bird Areas of California. Audubon California. 286 pp. Available (online) at: http://iba.audubon.org/iba/stateIndex.do?state=US-CA . Retrieved (insert date). 
Site Name Statussort descending Priority Counties IBA Criteria
Yolo Bypass Area Recognized Global Sutter, Yolo D1, D4i, D4ii, D4v
Adobe Valley Recognized State Mono D1
Bridgeport Valley Recognized State Mono D4ii
San Diego NWR Otay-Sweetwater Unit Recognized Global San Diego D4i
San Diego Montane Forests (San Diego Peaks) Recognized State San Diego D4i
San Jacinto Valley Recognized Global Riverside, San Bernardino D1, D4i, D4ii, D4v
San Joaquin Hills Recognized Global Orange D1, D4i
San Luis Rey River Recognized Global San Diego D1, D4i
San Pasqual Valley - Lake Hodges Recognized Global San Diego D1, D4i, D4ii
Santa Ana River - Upper Recognized State San Bernardino D4i
Santa Ana River Valley Recognized Global Riverside, San Bernardino D4i, D4ii
Santa Clara River Valley Recognized Global Los Angeles, Ventura D4i
Skinner Reservoir Area Recognized State Riverside D1, D4i
Southern Orange County Preserves Recognized State Orange, Riverside, San Diego D1, D4i, D5
Pier 400 Tern Colony (formerly Terminal Island) Recognized Global Los Angeles D4i
Tijuana River Reserve Recognized State San Diego D1, D4i, D5
Anza-Borrego Riparian Recognized Global San Diego D4i
Argus Range - Southern Recognized State Inyo D4i
Big Morongo Canyon Recognized State Riverside, San Bernardino D1, D4i
Cima Dome Recognized State San Bernardino D4i