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Colleen Moulton

Idaho IBAs by Type

IBA Priority Number Acres
Global 13 3,490,928
State 49 967,440
Total 62 4,458,368

Idaho's Important Bird Areas (IBA) Program was launched in 1996 as a partnership between Idaho Partners in Flight and the Idaho Audubon Council. Since 1997, the IBA Technical Committee has encouraged and reviewed nominations for potential IBAs. To date, 55 sites have been officially recognized as Important Bird Areas in Idaho, representing 3.8 million acres of public and private wetland and upland habitat throughout the state. The monitoring phase of the Idaho IBA program is underway, with monitoring at several IBAs being conducted either by biologists responsible for the management of the area, or by volunteers. These monitoring efforts, which are intended to collect basic information about the IBAs, will create an inventory of bird species present at each site, at a minimum, and will likely lead to further investigations. The Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Program of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG - http://www.fishandgame.idaho.gov), where the IBA Program is now housed, has recently initiated a coordinated all-bird monitoring program, the Idaho Bird Inventory and Survey (IBIS), that will initiate more extensive monitoring at all wetland IBAs and select upland IBAs across the state. Under the IBIS program, monitoring was initiated at five wetland IBAs in 2004, with 20 more being added in 2005. In addition, proponents are being sought to work toward conservation and stewardship of IBAs. These individuals and organizations will be champions for bird conservation at particular sites and will work cooperatively with each site's land manager or landowner.

Site Name Statussort descending Priority Counties IBA Criteria
Blacks Creek Reservoir Identified State D4v
Snake River Birds of Prey NCA/CJ Strike Reservoir Identified State Ada, Elmore, Owyhee D4ii, D4iv, D5
C.J. Strike WMA and Reservoir Merged State Elmore D4ii, D4iv, D5
Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area Merged State Elmore D1, D3, D4i, D4vi, D5
American Falls Reservoir Recognized Global Bannock, Bingham, Power D3, D4ii, D4iv, D4v
Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge Recognized Global Bear Lake D4ii, D4iv
Boise Ridge Recognized State Boise D3, D4vi, D5
Boise River Recognized State D1
Bowen Canyon Bald Eagle Sanctuary Recognized State Power D1
Camas National Wildlife Refuge Recognized State Jefferson D3, D4ii, D4iv
Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh Wildlife Management Area Recognized State Camas D3, D4ii, D4v
Carey Lake Wildlife Management Area Recognized State Blaine D4ii, D4v
Cartier Slough Wildlife Management Area Recognized State Madison D3, D4ii
Chilly Slough Recognized State Custer D3, D4ii, D4v, D4vi, D5
City of Rocks National Reserve Recognized State Cassia D1, D3
Clark Fork Delta Recognized State Bonner D3, D4ii
Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve Recognized Global Blaine, Butte, Lincoln, Minidoka, Power D3
Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge Recognized State Canyon D4ii, D4iv, D4v
Denton Slough Recognized State Bonner D4ii, D4iv
Eagle Island Recognized State D4iv


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