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Wyoming IBA Contact

Zach Hutchinson

Wyoming IBAs by Type

IBA Priority Number Acres
Global 5 5,345,068
State 35 2,933,432
Total 40 8,278,500

The Important Bird Areas (IBA) program is the focal point for Audubon Wyoming's conservation effort. Audubon Wyoming initiated the IBA program in 1999. As of March 2005, 44 IBAs have been identified in Wyoming, encompassing more than nine million acres of public and private lands (16% of the land area of the state). Even more impressive then the amount of land IBAs now encompass across the state is the level of local participation in conservation action on IBAs. With the assistance of many individuals and local Audubon Chapters, conservation efforts have begun on twelve IBAs, involving 14 avian monitoring programs and three habitat restoration projects. In addition to monitoring and restoration projects, IBA Adoption efforts were initiated this year in Wyoming to stimulate local Audubon Chapter participation and stewardship on IBA sites. The IBA Stewardship Adoption Program allows Audubon chapters, bird clubs, and other conservation groups to play a vital role in furthering the goals of the IBA Program and bird conservation in general. By adopting one or more IBAs, local community groups provide much-needed stewardship of the site through recruiting volunteer citizen scientists for monitoring bird populations, and offering educational opportunities to help conserve the sites.

Please note that the IBA map displayed above and the list below do not include more recently designated IBAs. To request a complete spatial dataset please submit your request hereA summary of recently designated Wyoming IBAs can be downloaded here.

Site Namesort descending Status Priority Counties IBA Criteria
Alkali and Beck Lakes Recognized State Park D1, D4ii, D4v
Alpine Wetland Recognized State Lincoln D1, D4ii
Bird Island- American White Pelican Nesting Colony Recognized State Carbon D1, D4i
Breteche Creek Ranch Recognized State Park D1, D5
Canyon Creek Recognized State Sweetwater D4vi
Chapman Bench Recognized State Park D1, D3, D5
Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge Recognized State Lincoln D1, D4ii, D4iii
Commissary Ridge Raptor Migration Route Recognized State Lincoln, Sublette, Uinta D1, D4vi, D4vii
Edness Kimball Wilkens State Park Recognized State Natrona D1, D3
Flat Creek Marshes and Wetland Complex Recognized State Teton D1, D4ii, D4v
Grand Teton National Park Recognized State Teton D1, D5
Gros Ventre Riparian Complex Recognized State Teton
Heart Mountain Recognized State Park D1, D3, D5
Jackson Canyon Eagle Roost Recognized State Natrona D1, D4vi
Killdeer Wetland Identified State Sweetwater D1
Laramie Greenbelt Recognized State Albany D1, D3
Laramie Plains Lakes Complex Recognized State Albany D4ii, D4iii, D4v, D4vii
Lions Park Recognized State Laramie D1, D4ii, D4iii, D4v, D4vii
Little Sandy Landscape Recognized Global Fremont, Sublette, Sweetwater D1, D3, D4vii
Loch Katrine Wetland Recognized State Park D4ii, D4iii, D4iv


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