A 45,000 acre wilderness featuring Michigan's most well-known waterfalls and half a million annual visitors, and the 20,000 acre Betsy Lake Natural Area.

Ornithological Summary

Supports a good population of Spruce Grouse, with other boreal species well-represented including Boreal Chickadee, Olive-sided Flycatcher, and Gray Jay. Also hosts a wealth of breeding boreal migrant songbirds including Canada Warbler, as well as at least three pairs of nesting Common Loons.

Conservation Issues

Unknown, but presumably few.


Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation Division.


Primarily a mix of boreal bog and northern hardwoods habitats, with smaller amounts of jack pine and open wet meadows.

Land Use

Primary focuses are sightseeing and tourism, with ATV use (especially snowmobiles), hiking, canoeing/kayaking as secondary considerations. The Betsy Lake Natural Area is less well-used, and more focused on wildlife conservation.

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