On the northern Oregon coast about 2 miles south of Cape Meares and 1 mile west of Oceanside, Tillamook County. This site includes three large rocks and six small rocks totaling 15 acres. The four largest rocks serve as seabird breeding colonies, including Finley Rock (219-054), Middle Rock (219-055), Shag Rock (219-056), and Seal Rock (219-057). Shag Rock contains low vegetation on the north slope and Finley Rock contains vegetation on the north and east slopes and is the tallest rock at over 300 feet above sea level.

Ornithological Summary

Twelve species of seabirds breed here totaling 226,093 birds. This includes 30% of the Common Murres breeding in Oregon and 21% of all Common Murres breeding in the eastern Pacific south of Alaska. This site also harbors 60% of the Tufted Puffin breeding population in Oregon. Over 800 Brown Pelicans (Endangered) have been seen here roosting and up to 13 Bald Eagles (Threatened) have been observed preying on seabirds.

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