Tuckahoe Creek IBA lies along Tuckahoe Creek straddling the boundary between Queen Anne?s and Caroline Counties, from Mason Branch Road south to the town of Queen Anne, a distance of approximately 12km. Deciduous floodplain forest, dominated by tulip poplar, sycamore and oaks, flanks the creek, and other habitats include a 25-ha lake, early successional shrubland, meadows, native tree plantings, upland forest and agricultural fields. Tuckahoe State Park is owned and managed by Maryland DNR. The state park encompasses Adkins Arboretum, which is owned by Maryland DNR but managed independently. This IBA includes small areas of privately owned floodplain forest adjacent to the state park.

Ornithological Summary

Bird Blitz surveys organized by Audubon in 2007 found significant populations of two at-risk species, Prothonotary Warbler and Louisiana Waterthrush in the floodplain forest along Tuckahoe Creek. Another at-risk species, Kentucky Warbler, was found in numbers suggesting that its population exceeds state-level IBA thresholds.

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