The Upper Delaware river is located on the Pennsylvania/New Jersey state line in Pike,Wayne and Monroe counties. The Upper Delaware Scenic River has riparian habitat, woodland, fields, young scrub, hillsides, rhododendron and laurel thickets, as well as some upland bogs and wetlands. Red and White Oak, Sugar Maple, and hemlock dominate the surrounding woodlands. The riverside terrain varies from gentle slopes to sheer cliffs 500 above the river level at Hawk's Nest on the New York side.

Directions: Site runs about 140 miles along the Delaware River from the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area at the southern end to northern boundary of Pennsylvania.

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Ornithological Summary

This is a large and important area for migrating and wading bird species. During spring and fall migration, the area hosts 27 species of warblers. This area also supports numerous birds on the Species of Concerns list during migration. The Upper Delaware Scenic River area also serves as a major Bald Eagle wintering site. As many as 40 Bald Eagles have been documentation in this area during the winter months.

Conservation Issues

Residential development and recreational development/overuse are threats to the site. The presence of Wooly Hemlock Adelgid could have serious impact on conifer-association species.

The site is included in the area administered by the National Park Service as the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River.

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