This 540-acre property is composed primarily of freshwater wetland that drains into the nearby Penobscot River at Sandy Point. The wetland is characterized by dense stands of cattail. A floating mat of vegetation creates a mosaic of habitat with high interspersion of water and vegetation. There are some forested uplands as well.

Ornithological Summary

This site has supported Least Bitterns for many years and provides habitat for large numbers of Marsh Wrens. Ring-necked Ducks breed here each year at some of the highest densities recorded in Maine.

Conservation Issues

Few threats face this site. Although development and gravel mining along the Muskrat Road could at some time influence the site, this is not anticipated. Portions of the floating mat within the marsh frequently break free and can block the spillway. Under certain conditions, this could lead to a rapid rise in water level.


The area is owned and managed by the Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Access is provided from the Muskrat Road in Stockton Springs approximately ? mile north of its intersection with U. S. Route 1. The area can be scanned from the dike, although it is best viewed from canoe or kayak. There are no hiking trails in the uplands.

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