The Upper Ridley/Crum Important Bird Area includes Ridley Creek State Park, Tyler Arboretum and a vast expanse of primarily private land north of Route 3.

Other publicly-accessible sites include Willistown Township's Okehocking Preserve (Route 3 and 926), and several preserves owned by the Willistown Conservation Trust. For more information on the Trust's preserves, visit

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Ornithological Summary

The site is significant for its use during migration and the nesting season. As a large patch of green in a fully suburbanized region, the IBA acts as a vital stopover site for many species of neotropical migrant songbirds. Several woodland species of concern stay for the summer and nest within the IBA, including Kentucky Warbler, Hooded Warbler and Wood Thrush. Grasslands and agricultural fields in the IBA provide stopover habitat for Bobolinks and nesting habitat for a few Eastern Meadowlarks.

Conservation Issues

Multi-flora rose is present, with efforts being made for control and removal. The resident deer population has caused serious damage to the forest understory through browsing. This has lowered numbers of Kentucky and Hooded warblers as well as Wood Thrush. One of the only remaining forested areas within Delaware County. In close proximity to a large urban area. Fox in the area prey on ground-nesting species.

Land Use

Limited deer hunting is granted by permit.