New Smyrna Beach Colony, 5 ha
Port Orange Colony, 0.7 ha

In the Halifax River in northeastern Volusia County. Bordered by the northern bridge of State Road A1A to the north, the barrier islands to the east, the southern bridge of State Road A1A to the south, and the mainland to the west.

Two small natural islands that contain significant colonial waterbird colonies

Ornithological Summary

Significant populations of Special Concern species; and significant natural habitats

The islands support two of the most important Brown Pelican colonies along the Atlantic coast of Florida, as well as significant numbers of other wading birds. The Port Orange colony and adjacent islands also support significant numbers of American Oystercatchers.

Conservation Issues

human disturbance, monofilament fishing line, erosion

The islands are not posted against human intrusion; the severity of human disturbance is not known. ? Monofilament fishing line should be removed periodically. ? There is minor threat of erosion to the southern end of the New Smyrna colony.


unknown; possibly State of Florida


*mangrove forest, estuarine

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