State Park located on coastal Lake Michigan, offering nearly 2,000 acres of recreation land to the public. Includes beech-maple hardwood forest, beach, and sand dune blowouts.

Ornithological Summary

Supports Michigan's second largest population of the state endangered Prairie Warbler.

Conservation Issues

Threats not well understood, but human disturbance due to the large amount of human use during summer is a potential threat to habitats and specific species.


Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Parks & Recreation Division.


Prairie Warblers nest only in shrubby dune blowouts, but the property also features beech-maple forest with some hemlock, tuliptree, and sycamore, among other species. Some shrubby wetland is present, as well as 3 miles of Lake Michigan Beach, and a small amount of upland prairie.

Land Use

Primarily used for human recreation.

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