This IBA is defined by the concentration of Amish farms in two counties. The combination of barns and extensive pastures provide quality habitat for Barn Owls and Cliff Swallows.

Ornithological Summary

Wayne and Holmes counties have Barn Owls and Cliff Swallows on Amish properties. The concentrations are within three areas: SE townships of Wayne; NE townships of Holmes; one township in Tuscarawas. Extension into Coshocton County is possible.

Conservation Issues

The sale of Amish farms with a change in farming practices that would negatively impact these species is always possible. Barn Owl foraging habitat in grasslands and pastures should be promoted, avoiding conversion to cultivated fields of row crops and avoiding fall plowing. Assuming an expanding population of Cliff Swallows, nest sites might be mapped to establish database for this IBA and the rest of the state. Determine effects of Great Horned Owl and raccoon population increase and predation on Barn Owls.

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