Located along the California border, this site is roughly contiguous with the Bodie Hills IBA recognized by the California IBA Program (Cooper 2004). The site includes the population center in Nevada for the Mono Basin population of the Greater Sage Grouse. Genetic analysis of the Mono Basin birds indicates that they are distinct from surrounding populations. Research to describe the population?s life history need to be completed and this package of information evaluated by the AOU before a full determination of species or sub-species status can be made. Because of the 5,000 foot-plus elevation range, the habitat varies from desert shrub along the lower boundaries to conifer at the highest elevations. Pinyon-juniper forest is extensive, but the habitat is spatially complex because it is broken by mountain meadows and parklands and stringers of aspens and cottonwoods along riparian zones like Desert Creek. Wellington Hills and the Sweetwater Range form prominent ranges in this IBA.

Ornithological Summary

High quality sagebrush habitat supports obligate community, including genetically distinct Mono Basin sage grouse. Riparian stringers are multi-aged stands with numerous cavitities and healthy understories. Interesting northern extension for some breeding birds including black phoebe and Costa's hummingbird. P-J community may be somewhat under-represented in the accompanying bird list.

Conservation Issues

A key lek site (on private land) has been platted for development and approved by the county.

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