This site consists of a beachfront and dune system along the southwest shore of the Little River outlet, across the river from Crescent Surf Beach. Beaches and dunes south of the immediate area are intensively developed for summer and seasonal residences.

Ornithological Summary

The site generally hosts a small Least Tern colony as well as nesting Piping Plovers. The site is an especially important shorebird roost during fall migration. Piping Plovers congregate here in large flocks as well, mainly during late summer, prior to migration.

Conservation Issues

As with Crescent Surf Beach, predation and public use, especially dogs off leash, are significant threats to productivity at this site. Dogs are not allowed on Laudholm Beach, but enforcement of regulations has been difficult.


This site is owned by the State of Maine, Bureau of Parks and Lands and managed cooperatively with the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve. Parking is provided at the Wells Reserve where a walking path of approximately ? mile facilitates accessing the beach without trespassing. For more information and access questions, call the Wells Reserve at (207) 646-1555.

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