Important Bird Areas

Wenas Basin/ Clemans Mountain


Ornithological Summary

Situated in the transition zone between the shrub-steppe region of the Columbia Plateau and the coniferous forests of the eastern Cascade Mountains, this area contains a habitat mosaic that supports a rich diversity and abundance of birds. Further contributing to the bird diversity is the lush riparian forest along Wenas Creek and its major tributaries. The site is renowned for its assemblage of birds associated with mature ponderosa pine forest, including Northern Goshawk, Flammulated Owl, Vaux's Swift, and White-headed Woodpecker, all candidates for listing as threatened species by the Washington Wildlife Commission. The Wenas Valley also supports a diverse assemblage of birds associated with eastern Washington riparian habitat, such as the Willow Flycatcher, Veery, Gray Catbird, and Yellow-breasted Chat, all of which are fairly common in the area.