This site is located just outside of Syracuse, and includes a heavily
wooded valley surrounded by farmland.

Ornithological Summary

This site supports an unusual diversity of breeding birds, including
the Sharp-shinned Hawk (observed during breeding season), Cooper?s
Hawk (two pairs in 2004), Black-billed Cuckoo (breeds), Yellow-billed
Cuckoo (breeds), Barred Owls, Acadian Flycatcher (breeds), Yellowthroated
Vireo (breeds), Winter Wren, Golden-winged Warbler (at
least two pairs in 1996, but not seen in recent years), Northern Parula
(one of few breeding sites in the area, but not seen in recent years),
Cerulean Warbler (four to seven singing males, females and young
observed in 2004), Mourning Warbler (breeds), Hooded Warbler
(breeds), Scarlet Tanager (breeds, six singing males), and Vesper
Sparrow (one pair in 1996).

Conservation Issues

The site is mostly privately owned, although Save the County Land
Trust owns 43 acres. Extensive logging of oak and maple trees is going
on in some areas. The site should have an active plan for preservation
and management to benefit the diverse breeding bird community,
particularly at-risk Cerulean Warblers. Regular inventory and
monitoring, especially for at-risk species, should continue.

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