This privately owned area includes grassy meadows interspersed with
goldenrod. The hills provide long-distance viewing?a common
feature of Henslow?s Sparrow habitat. A road divides the site into
northern and southern parts.

Ornithological Summary

This is an important grassland bird breeding area, hosting the Horned
Lark (one in 1998), Savannah Sparrow, Grasshopper Sparrow (at least
six pairs in 1996), Henslow?s Sparrow (six pairs in 1996), Bobolink (at
least four pairs in 1996), and Eastern Meadowlark (six pairs in 1996).

Conservation Issues

Vegetative succession is not an immediate concern, but the landowner
should be encouraged to maintain the grassland. Owners of
surrounding grasslands should also be encouraged to manage the
habitat for grassland birds. Inventory and monitoring, particularly
of at-risk species, is needed to better understand bird use, and to
determine whether this site continues to meet IBA criteria.