Wolf Lodge Bay is an eastern extension of Coeur d?Alene Lake and is fed by Wolf Lodge Creek. Both Beauty and Blue Creek Bays extend off of Wolf Lodge Bay, and the shoreline is forested hillsides. Wolf Lodge Bay?s rocky shores, submerged gravel beds and unique water ecology are why the area lures many eagles. It is ideal for kokanee salmon, a primary winter food source for Bald Eagles. Wolf Lodge Bay harbors an abundant supply of these small, land-locked salmon. The blend of rugged topography, dense tree growth, mild climate, and ample food, draws eagles to Wolf Lodge Bay each winter.

Ornithological Summary

Large numbers of Bald Eagles (40 per winter), with wintering waterfowl (Common and Barrow?s Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Hooded Merganser), waterbirds (Horned, Red-necked, and Western Grebe), and gulls can be found here. Osprey arrive in late March, as well as Common Loons, Tundra Swans, and Northern Pintails. Wood Ducks, Cinnamon Teal and numerous songbirds also breed in the area.

Conservation Issues

Logging on surrounding private lands, as well as development of home sites along the lakeshore, are major problems at this site. Therefore, BLM has acquired, and plans to acquire more, lands for the public. Grazing in meadow pastures is a serious problem. Serious recreational development/overuse could also be a potential disturbance problem for birds in the area. To educate the public about the importance of this area, the BLM has implemented environmental education at Mineral Ridge Trail and Wolf Lodge Eagle Viewing Area. Public land along Blue Creek Bay also offers an excellent opportunity for additional environmental education.


Acquisition of lands into federal hands.


From the lake shore rise steep mountains covered with western larch, Douglas-fir, ponderosa pine and grand fir. Northern Idaho??s average winter temperature of 22?aF and average annual snowfall of 60 inches is mild compared to the frozen country that lies to the north.

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