Mitchell Elementary school is located at 14 School St, Woodbury, approximately
250m from Woodbury Middle School located at 67 Washington Ave.  The landuse/landcover within a kilometer of
the schools includes a suburban neighborhood, 2 small ponds, agricultural
areas, a cemetery and an area of deciduous forest.


Ornithological Summary

swifts use the chimneys at Mitchell Elementary school and Woodbury Middle
School as roosts.  The chimneys are across the street from each other
and are monitored by the CT Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection with
the help of volunteers.  The Mitchell Elementary School chimney has been
monitored since 2011 and hosts 100 or more non-breeding swifts during the
summer.  Swifts were first observed using the Middle School Chimney on
Aug. 9, 2013.  In the fall of 2013, it served as a major fall migration
roost with close to 800 birds observed on one occasion.<strong></strong>

Conservation Issues

Minor – Lack of interest by owner
in chimney swift conservation.

Potential – Renovations to the
buildings which would render them unsuitable as roosting sites.  Adoption of a more aggressive pest management
policy that included the use of stronger pesticides that might impact insect
populations beneficial to Chimney Swifts.


of Woodbury


chimneys of educational facilities.

Land Use

Primary – Developed, Secondary – Turf and Grass

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