On the central Oregon coast about 3 miles north of Newport, Lincoln County. The rocks and islands of this site are generally small and lack soil and vegetation. The headland includes steep sea cliffs and heavily vegetated upland terraces and hills.
The Yaquina Head ONA IBA includes all the major seabird breeding sites.

Ornithological Summary

This site supports more than 52,000 nesting seabirds comprised of eight species. The number of Brandt's Cormorants breeding here averages more than 800 nests/year with a peak of more the 1,500 nests. The Common Murre breeding population has soared and now averages about 80,000 birds, making this one of the largest breeding locations in Oregon. The Pelagic Cormorant population breeding at Yaquina Head averages ~610 nests/year, and there are 6-7 pairs of Black Oystercatchers.

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