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This Tiny Desert Raptor Could Soon Regain Federal Protection

By Lourdes Medrano
July 12, 2022 — But with developers and state wildlife managers opposed to a threatened listing even as its habitat disappears, the Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl faces an uncertain future.
Seas & Shores

Hit the Beach With A Shorebird Biologist

By Jenny McKee
July 11, 2022 — Shelby Casas braves sun, bugs, and storms to protect endangered birds.
Shey Smith (left) and Tatyana Soto (right)

How Bird Photographers Shey Smith and Tatyana Soto Developed Their Passion

By Gabrielle Saleh
July 11, 2022 — Smith and Soto talked with us about all things bird photography, including how they took the leap to chase after their passion.

Conservationists and the Renewable Energy Industry Can and Must Work Together to Fight Climate Change

By Elizabeth Gray and Michael M. Garland
July 08, 2022 — The environmental community and the clean energy community must be partners in ensuring that conservation and clean energy go hand in hand.
From Audubon Magazine

What's In a Bird Name?

By Ariana Remmel
July 08, 2022 — More than 100 North American birds carry the names of people, some of whom were enslavers, supremacists, or grave robbers. A growing movement aims to do away with honorifics all together and bestow monikers that reflect each species' unique qualities
 A charred redwood smolders looking upward towards the canopy.

Rebuilding an Iconic California State Park With Birds and Wildfire In Mind

By Sarah Gilman
July 08, 2022 — In 2020, a blaze consumed Big Basin Redwoods State Park, incinerating cabins, blackening ancient trees, and imperiling endangered murrelets. Staff now want to reimagine the park to better ensure the seabird’s future.

California Has a Peacock Problem

By Brendan Borrell
July 08, 2022 — Feral peafowl have turned neighbor against neighbor in Los Angeles, where they claw up gardens, peck at car fenders, and belt out their songs at all hours. Is a more harmonious coexistence possible?
Details of the Wood Thrush including a close up of the raw materials, center, used in the creation of the piece.
Letter From the Editor

No Time Like the Present

By Jennifer Bogo
July 08, 2022 — However quickly life seems to move, it’s worth slowing down and paying attention.