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Western Water News

(UPDATE) U.S. House of Representatives Passes Audubon-supported Saline Lake Ecosystems Bill

By National Audubon Society
September 23, 2021 — The bill provides for a coordinated scientific effort to inform effective management and conservation of Saline Lake habitats in the arid West.
Western Water News

Audubon: Arizona Communities Should be Able to Protect their Groundwater Resources

By Haley Paul
September 23, 2021 — Policy Director Haley Paul testifies before Arizona House Study Committee examining groundwater issues.
Greening the Grid

A Federal Clean Energy Standard Would Build On Decades of State Experience

By Susan Cosier
September 23, 2021 — Already 30 states have set clean-energy goals. Their successes in meeting them, and proving critics wrong, are the seeds for a national standard.

Colombia’s New Strategy Elevates Conservation Beyond Its Borders

By Comité Directivo ENCA 2030
September 23, 2021 — The new National Strategy for the Conservation of Birds, ENCA 2021/2030, addresses the critical needs of birds over the next decade and puts Colombia one step ahead in the conservation of its unique natural heritage.

As the East's Songbird Epidemic Fades, the Cause Remains Unknown

By Lauren Leffer
September 22, 2021 — Affected states recommended taking down feeders during the disease outbreak, but now all say feeders can go back up.

Check Out These Hilarious Entries in the New Duck Stamp Contest

By Andy McGlashen
September 22, 2021 — The mandate that submissions include a hunting scene goes away next year. For now, these subversive artists are having some fun. [This story has been updated.]

Scientists Just Discovered a Seabird Hotspot. It's Already at Climate Risk.

By Lauren Leffer
September 22, 2021 — Winter cyclones, responsible for killing seabirds every year, are projected to intensify right where millions of birds overwinter in the North Atlantic.

Audubon Spotlight: Erika Knight Charted Her Path One Precise Step at a Time

By Gabriella Sotelo
September 22, 2021 — How the GIS expert and data analyst turned a passion for maps and the outdoors into a career in conservation.