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Climate Change

The Entire Colorado River Basin is in Crisis

By Karyn Stockdale
September 20, 2021 — We need climate action, now.
Audubon Photography Awards

The 2021 Audubon Photography Awards: Top 10 Videos

By The Editors
September 20, 2021 — Settle in and watch spectacular footage of birds in the wild, and find out the backstory behind each video.

Birds Are One Line of Defense Against Dreaded Spotted Lanternflies

By Carlyn Kranking
September 17, 2021 — But to harness their full bug-eating potential, it’ll likely help to remove the invasive tree-of-heaven.

New Funding to Help Gulf Coast Beachgoers Share the Shore with Birds

By Nicole Michel
September 17, 2021 — Audubon leads a new collaborative effort to design more effective coastal stewardship and management plans for the Gulf of Mexico.

A Video Captures the Dreadful Toll Window Strikes Take on Migrating Birds

By Carlyn Kranking
September 16, 2021 — Grisly visuals from New York City show mass bird death, but they're just a glimpse of what happens in cities nationwide.

You Could Use Some Good Bird News

By Joanna Thompson
September 10, 2021 — Stop doomscrolling and check out these hopeful stories.

How a Photographer Captured This Eerie Shot of Godwits in the Haze

By Corryn Wetzel
September 09, 2021 — Sebastian Velasquez ventured onto a smoky California beach to photograph birds foraging in a landscape choked by wildfire.

Why Switzerland Is Growing A Native Plant Oasis in the Heart of Washington

By Molly McCluskey
September 08, 2021 — The Swiss ambassador, an avid birder and bird photographer, is on a mission to remake a former farm into a biodiversity haven.