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Flammulated_Owl_David_Arsenault. Banding a young Flammulated Owl. David Arsenault/Plumas Audubon Society

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Audubon On Campus

Audubon On Campus: Class of 2022 On Life, Birds, and the Future

By National Audubon Society
October 17, 2022 — We asked Audubon campus chapter leaders what they've been up to, and what they're planning to do next.
María Gabriela Núñez Montellano holds a White-fronted Woodpecker, a small black and white bird with a long beak.

Systemic Barriers Hinder Bird Research, Say 124 Latin American Ornithologists

By Grace van Deelen
October 17, 2022 — A new preprint from scientists across the region asserts that advances in neotropical ornithology will require a stronger commitment to inclusion.

More Than Half of U.S. Birds Are in Decline, Warns New Report

By Margo Rosenbaum
October 12, 2022 — The 2022 U.S. State of the Birds report shows plummeting bird populations across almost all habitats while highlighting the need for further conservation efforts.
A mottled black, brown, white, and yellow bird with a yellow cap perches in tall grasses.
Press Room

2022 U.S. State of the Birds Report Reveals Widespread Losses of Birds in All Habitats—Except for One

By National Audubon Society
October 12, 2022 — In 50 years, birds have increased overall in wetlands, a singular exception that shows the way forward for saving birds and benefiting people.

A Beginner’s Guide to Using eBird

By Jenny McKee
October 07, 2022 — Birders and scientists alike have come to depend on this powerful platform. New to birding or intimidated by eBird? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.
A small gray warbler with patches of bright yellow and a white belly perches on a branch in front of a blurred green background.

10 Fun Facts About the Yellow-rumped Warbler

By Maya Richard-Craven
October 06, 2022 — Who are you calling a butterbutt?
Boreal Forests

Fall Migration Reminds Us It is Time to Take Action on Biodiversity Loss

By Jeff Wells, Aurelio Ramos, and Sebastian Herzog.
October 06, 2022
Press Room

The Migratory Birds of the Americas Conservation Enhancements Act is Introduced in the House

By National Audubon Society
October 05, 2022 — House bill will address urgent conservation needs for migratory birds in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean.