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How One Clash With an Iceberg Threw an Emperor Penguin Colony into Disarray

By Joanna Thompson
July 14, 2021 — Climatologists predict an increase in wayward icebergs as warming seas weaken glaciers. A new analysis shows how they threaten penguin survival.
From Audubon Magazine

How to Catch a Rat

By Elena Passarello
July 14, 2021 — In 2019 a Mexican island that harbors 95 percent of the world’s Black-vented Shearwaters received an unwanted vermin visitor. To nab the interloper, Isla Natividad’s human inhabitants had to get creative.
From Audubon Magazine

The Quest for 'Lost' Birds Delivers Highs and Lows

By Rachel Fritts
July 13, 2021 — Thousands of species exist in a liminal space of conservation—they haven't been seen in a long time, but that doesn't mean they are extinct. Groups hope to crowdsource more rediscoveries.
From Audubon Magazine

Lax Pesticide Policies Are Putting Wildlife Health at Risk, Experts Warn

By Lynne Peeples
July 13, 2021 — Scientists and advocates say neonicotinoids—shown to harm bees, birds, and other wildlife—need tougher regulation. The U.S. EPA has a key window to take action in the next year.
Audubon Photography Awards

The 2021 Audubon Photography Awards: Top 100

By The Editors
July 13, 2021 — Scroll through these superb images that feature birds in all their varied glory, and find out the backstory behind each shot.
American Avocet by Phil Wheeler
Illustrated Aviary

Reimagining the American Avocet

By Julie Leibach
July 13, 2021 — Phil Wheeler uses repeating patterns to unite a hungry wader with otherworldly terrain.
Letter From the Editor

Conservation Photography Is About More Than Pretty Pictures

By Jennifer Bogo
July 13, 2021 — Even some photos that can’t be captured tell a powerful story.

Scientists Still Searching for the Pathogen Behind the East's Songbird Epidemic

By Joanna Thompson
July 08, 2021 — In a new report, experts ruled out a range of causes, but they still recommend taking down feeders until the source of the disease is identified.