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Sy Montgomery's Latest Book Celebrates the Fragility and Power of Hummingbirds

By Corryn Wetzel
August 10, 2021 — In "The Hummingbirds’ Gift," the odds are stacked against two orphaned chicks and their caretakers.
Renewable Energy

Infrastructure Bill Provides Important Environmental Provisions, But Leaves More Work To Do

By Tule Horton
August 10, 2021 — We will continue to work with Congress to strive for environmental justice and a zero-carbon future, filling in the gaps left by this important first step.

With Protections Restored for Alaska's Tongass, What's Next?

By Ashley Braun
August 09, 2021 — The Biden administration's plans for the old-growth forest and the region's economy have tribal leaders cautiously optimistic.
Fox Sparrow
Boreal Forests

How Listening to Birds Can Protect the Seal River Watershed

By Jeff Wells, Audubon; Stephanie Thorassie, Seal River Watershed Alliance
August 09, 2021 — Audubon and the Seal River Watershed Alliance, an Indigenous non-profit coalition, have worked together to record the sounds of a critical bird breeding area.
Press Room

UN Report Affirms the Need for Urgent Action on Climate

August 09, 2021 — The first of three reports finds that the climate is warming at alarming levels, with consequences for communities and for wildlife.

Pesticide Spraying in the West Targets a Food Source for Declining Birds

By Carlyn Kranking
August 06, 2021 — As swarms of grasshoppers chew through grasslands, environmentalists worry chemical pest controls hold unintended consequences for wildlife.

A Decisive Victory for the Most Important Coastal Law You’ve Never Heard of

By Jessica Grannis
August 06, 2021 — Audubon won a lawsuit to prevent sand mining on protected beaches and plans to expand this powerful policy.

Emperor Penguins Proposed for Listing Under Endangered Species Act

By Joanna Thompson
August 04, 2021 — The Antarctic seabirds may qualify as a ‘threatened’ species due to climate change. But without reducing carbon emissions, can the listing help them?