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A Long-Running Ode to the All the *&#% Birders See

By Hallie Golden
August 11, 2022 — A 10-year-old Facebook group celebrates the surprising and weird sightings that can mark a birding trip—no actual birds required.
Boreal Forests

Yellowlegs Mysteries Revealed

By Jeff Wells, Carrie Gray, and Jorge Velasquez
August 11, 2022 — Scientists using radio tags and towers are learning how these shorebirds travel from the Boreal to Colombia and back again.
Migratory Bird Initiative

Meet Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, the Scorekeepers of North America's Birds

By Nat Seavy
August 09, 2022 — Maintaining reliable bird population data makes bird conservation more effective.
Brown-headed Nuthatch.
Audubon Advisory

Landmark Solar Victory for Birds & People in Mississippi

By Audubon Mississippi
August 09, 2022

Scientists Are Racing to Understand the Aleutian Tern’s Mysterious Decline

By Jenny McKee
August 08, 2022 — U.S. populations of the seabird have crashed in the past half century. Researchers hope an upcoming series of surveys will reveal how dire the situation is—and if the bird should be considered endangered.

The Inflation Reduction Act is a Big Deal. Here’s What it Means for Birds (And You)

By Sarah Rose
August 04, 2022 — We parse out the key provisions of this historic climate legislation.
Press Room

National Audubon Society and Audubon Great Lakes Mourn the Loss of Rep. Jackie Walorski, Emma Thompson, and Zach Potts

By National Audubon Society
August 03, 2022 — Audubon's Statement on Congresswoman Walorski's Lasting Impact in the Great Lakes

The Senate Climate Deal Promises a Safer Future for Birds—If It Passes

By Andy McGlashen and Hannah Waters
August 02, 2022 — Experts and advocates are optimistic, for the first time in ages, about what would be the biggest-ever U.S. investment in climate action.