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Flammulated_Owl_David_Arsenault. Banding a young Flammulated Owl. David Arsenault/Plumas Audubon Society

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Working Lands

South Texas’s Pajarito Ranch Certified as Audubon Bird-Friendly Habitat

By Anthony Hauck
August 02, 2022 — Entire ranch working for birds and beef in Audubon Conservation Ranching program
Audubon Mural Project

Snowy Owl by Mike Fernandez

July 29, 2022 — Location: 3875 Broadway, New York NY 10032
Audubon Mural Project

Barn Swallows by Marthalicia Matarrita

July 29, 2022 — Location: Broadway Pharmacy, 3621 Broadway, New York, NY 10031

Introducing The Birdsong Project: What the Birds Tell Us

By Elizabeth Gray
July 29, 2022 — Volumes I, II, and III of For the Birds: The Birdsong Project are streaming now to benefit Audubon’s bird conservation mission and celebrate the joy of birds.

Listen to Every Available Volume of "The Birdsong Project"

By National Audubon Society
July 29, 2022 — All five volumes are now available for streaming. Check out all of the bird-inspired tunes below!
Press Room

Historic Climate Legislation Would Put the U.S. Back on Track to Meet Energy Goals

By National Audubon Society
July 28, 2022 — The Senate has an opportunity to take a major step in reducing emissions and creating a cleaner future for birds and communities.
Western Water News

How We Might Address the Water Crisis for the Colorado River and Birds in the West

By Karyn Stockdale
July 28, 2022 — Solutions exist but need to be scaled up for the next year and beyond.

Here’s How Drastically Birding Has Changed Over the Past 50 Years

By Kenn Kaufman
July 28, 2022 — On the 25th anniversary of his book "Kingbird Highway," Kenn Kaufman reflects on the many ways the hobby has transformed since he first hitchhiked across the country chasing birds in the 1970s.