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Chicago's Rose the Piping Plover Hits the Beach in Florida Just in Time for World Shorebird Day

By Gabriella Sotelo
September 03, 2021 — Staff with Audubon Great Lakes and Audubon Florida work collectively year-round to keep the plovers safe no matter where they are.
Western Water News

Preparing for a Botulism Outbreak on the Klamath

September 03, 2021 — Wildlife Rehabilitators with Bird Ally X Give an Insider’s Look
Boreal Forests

How the Boreal Forest Can Help Protect Birds (and the Planet) from Climate Change

By Jeff Wells, Audubon; Fritz Reid, Ducks Unlimited; Steven Nitah, Indigenous Leadership Initiative
September 02, 2021 — As areas like the Pacific Flyway heat up, we turn towards nature-based climate solutions for answers. (part of our series on climate change in the Pacific Flyway)

Nesting Common Terns Get a New Island Home in Buffalo

By Gabriella Sotelo
September 02, 2021 — The newly constructed island is a part of a larger suite of bird and fish habitat restoration projects in the Niagara River and environs.

Feeding Birds Could Get Pricey This Year

By Andy McGlashen
September 01, 2021 — The severe drought pummeling the West and the Great Plains is one key reason for an expected spike in the cost of popular bird foods.
Ask Kenn!

Ask Kenn: Why Have Roseate Spoonbills Invaded the North This Summer?

By Kenn Kaufman
August 31, 2021 — Also this month: Is fall really the hardest season for identifying birds? Kenn Kaufman doesn't think so.

Take a Trip to the 'Eighth Continent'

By Carlyn Kranking
August 27, 2021 — Pioneering scientist Meg Lowman’s new memoir, "The Arbornaut," details her career studying biodiversity in the tree canopy.

Why the Kirtland’s Warbler Should be Michigan’s State Bird

By Andy McGlashen
August 26, 2021 — And while we’re at it, we should change its name to Jack Pine Warbler.