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An oil painting of a brightly-colored Western Tanager, modeled after clay, crossing a rocky expanse.
The Aviary

The Western Tanager of Tomorrow

By Jessica McKenzie
September 19, 2022 — George Boorujy’s evocative artwork depicts a colorful migratory songbird in a climate-devastated future.
A small path cuts by a small library of books in a green, quiet meadow.

These Native Meadows in Motown Aim to Boost Birdlife and Neighbors’ Well-Being

By Allison Torres Burtka
September 19, 2022 — Detroit Bird City breathes new life into dormant parks, creating havens for residents and avian visitors.
Field Notes

From Ground to Orbit, Space Industry’s Lift-Off Sparks Environmental Concerns

By Jessica Leber
September 19, 2022 — As more rockets take flight, how will we protect life at home?
 An aerial view, looking straight down, of bleached white cedars that are dead from flooding.

How New Jersey Plans to Relocate Flooded ‘Ghost Forests’ Inland

By Jared Brey
September 19, 2022 — A $20 million cedar restoration project in the state’s Pine Barrens shows how people can help vanishing habitats outpace sea-level rise.
Greening the Grid

This Little-Known Electricity Agency Could Give Renewable Energy the Push It Needs

By Susan Cosier
September 16, 2022 — State public utility commissions have the power to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change. Some have already begun.

Aerial Odysseys: Bird Migration in the Americas

September 15, 2022 — Every spring and fall, billions of migratory birds make journeys that test the limits of their endurance and present myriad challenges.

A dangerous journey through the country of birds: challenges for migratory raptors

By Esther Vallejo Santamaría
September 15, 2022 — Raptors face many challanges along their migratory route across the Americas. Colombian biologist Esther Vallejo shares her experience and findings about their distribution in the Andean region.

Un peligroso viaje por el país de las aves: retos para las rapaces migratorias

By Esther Vallejo Santamaría
September 15, 2022 — Las aves rapaces enfrentan a muchos retos a lo largo de su ruta migratoria por el continente americano. La bióloga colombiana Esther Vallejo comparte su experiencia y hallazgos sobre su distribución en la región andina.