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Lesser Prairie-Chicken. Brittany Meagher/Audubon Photography Awards
Press Room

Endangered Species Listing for the Lesser Prairie-Chicken “is the right call”

By National Audubon Society
May 26, 2021 — Adding the Lesser Prairie-Chicken to the Endangered Species List will not only help the bird, but the people who share its rangeland.
Common Loons Fe and ABJ offer a fish to their chick, the pair’s 32nd together. Laura Wong

The World's Two Oldest Common Loons Are a Couple—and Amazing Parents

By Rachel Fritts
May 26, 2021 — A quarter-century ago, two loons joined forces to become a Michigan wildlife refuge’s resident power couple.
Common Murre. Mick Thompson
Press Room

Biden Administration Opens California Coast to New Offshore Wind Turbine Siting

May 25, 2021 — “Properly sited wind power that avoid undue impacts to wildlife is an important ingredient in cutting carbon emissions and averting worst-case climate scenarios.”
Horned Lark. Evan Barrientos/Audubon Rockies
Press Room

USDA Marks Progress on Climate-Smart Agriculture Following Biden Executive Order

By National Audubon Society
May 20, 2021 — An initial report from the Department of Agriculture demonstrates a commitment to climate-friendly practices that will benefit people and wildlife.
Orchard Oriole. Brad Fields/Audubon Photography Awards
Press Room

Melinda Cep Joins Audubon as Vice President of Natural Solutions and Working Lands

By National Audubon Society
May 20, 2021 — In a new role for the organization, Cep will work across Audubon’s network to advance climate and conservation goals on working lands.
Northern Harrier. Doug German/Audubon Photography Awards
Delaware River Watershed

A Policy Agenda to Protect the Birds of the Delaware River Watershed

By Elizabeth "Beth" Brown
May 19, 2021 — Audubon focuses on funding and bipartisan engagement for clean, reliable water for birds and people.
Western Water News

Many Partners Aim to Protect Nevada Wetlands for Shorebirds

By Brian Tavernia
May 18, 2021 — Analysis at Lahontan Valley Wetlands identifies bird species for habitat management.

How New Technology Is Making Wind Farms Safer for Birds

By Molly Bennet
May 18, 2021 — Raptors and wind energy have a fraught history. Could these innovations allow them to co-exist?