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Flammulated_Owl_David_Arsenault. Banding a young Flammulated Owl. David Arsenault/Plumas Audubon Society

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Western Meadowlark on May Ranch, an Audubon-certified ranch, in Prowers County, Colorado.

R6 Ranch Recipient of Bird-Friendly Habitat Certification from Audubon

By Anthony Hauck
December 19, 2022 — R6 herd is working for grassland birds in the Audubon Conservation Ranching program
Audubon Hatched 2022 - The 0 has a hatching egg in it, the colors are navy, blue and green

Introducing Audubon Hatched: Your Year of Birding in Review

By National Audubon Society
December 19, 2022 — Audubon Bird Guide App users now have access to a year-end visualization of their 2022 bird sightings

The Clock Is Ticking on a Holiday Miracle for Wildlife—Will Congress Deliver?

By Andy McGlashen
December 16, 2022 — The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act represents a turning point after decades of dramatic underfunding for conservation programs, supporters say. Time to pass it is running out.
Press Room

Trust Indigenous Land Stewards to Lead on Global Conservation

By Elizabeth Gray and Stephanie Thorassie
December 16, 2022 — Canada’s Indigenous-led conservation initiatives are model solutions for protecting biodiversity

Americas Flyways Initiative: birds, game-changers for saving nature

By Audubon Americas
December 16, 2022 — The initiative will identify at least 30 critical landscapes and seascapes along the Americas flyways for urgent conservation, restoration, and management by local partners, communities, and indigenous peoples.
Letter From the Editor

A Familiar Ring

By Jennifer Bogo
December 16, 2022 — Even though the themes we explore don’t always change, through our reporting we can see forward movement.
Audubon View

Reflecting on a Year of Success

By Elizabeth Gray
December 16, 2022 — Audubon’s work in science, policy, advocacy, and conservation has helped create lasting change for birds and has set us up for greater impact in 2023.
A Cedar Waxwing and a Bohemian Waxwing perched on a branch, both holding a berry in their mouth.

Stylish and Social, Winter Waxwings Provide a Wonderful ID Challenge

By Ryan F. Mandelbaum
December 16, 2022 — Bohemian and Cedar Waxwings look very similar and are more likely to intermingle in the colder months. Here’s how to tell them apart.