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A flock of ducks flying in the same direction with an out of focus landscape in the background.

A Duck Hunter’s Tips for Quickly Identifying Waterfowl on the Wing

By Holly A. Heyser
November 14, 2022 — Take limits require rapid ID of fast-flying birds—a useful skill for any birder. One waterfowler breaks down how she does it.
A large white bird with dark brown wings and a long orange beak sits in the grass.

Why Birds Are Anti-Aging Superstars

By Margo Rosenbaum
November 10, 2022 — Despite their extreme lifestyles, avians can live remarkably long lives for animals their size.
An Osprey sitting in the Boat House nest while a boat is out on the water in the background.

For the First Time, Osprey Chicks Have Successfully Fledged from Hog Island’s Boathouse Nest

By Liz Muñoz Huber
November 10, 2022 — Hog Island’s annual service week leads to a nesting win for on-cam fish hawks Dory and Skiff.
A rufous hummingbird seats on a branch.

The State of the Birds Report is a Call to Action. These Policies Will Help.

By Erik Schneider
November 09, 2022 — New report shows a pathway to bring birds back with key policy opportunities.
Press Room

As Americans Make Their Voices Heard, Audubon Pledges to Continue to Work Toward a Cleaner Future for People and Wildlife

By National Audubon Society
November 09, 2022 — Caring about birds transcends politics.

Surprise Bird-Rich Wetlands Emerge on Dry Lakebed of Shrinking Salton Sea

By Virginia Gewin
November 07, 2022 — Conservationists are studying how to expand marshes that formed near exposed drains as drought threatens the lake's very existence.
Press Room

Audubon Calls on World Leaders to Take Immediate Action to Combat Climate and Biodiversity Crisis

By National Audubon Society
November 07, 2022 — The leading bird conservation organization in the Americas calls for COP27 leaders to take swift, meaningful, and collaborative action to protect natural ecosystems, defend biodiversity, and implement an inclusive and just climate transition.
Western Water News

Birds of Great Salt Lake’s South Arm Ecosystem Threatened

By Max Malmquist
November 04, 2022 — As Gilbert Bay’s water level declines and salinity levels rise, what birds are at risk?