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Climate Advocates Want to See a More Just Transition Away from Fossil Fuels

By Alisa Opar
December 15, 2022 — While the Inflation Reduction Act promises to inject billions of dollars into frontline communities, environmental justice leaders are concerned about the bill’s support for pollution-producing energy sources.

Clean Energy Isn’t Enough to Avoid the Worst Consequences of Climate Change

By Susan Cosier
December 15, 2022 — Fortunately, the Inflation Reduction Act includes support in other key areas.
Two blue Pinyon Jays sitting in a pine tree, one opening a pinecone with its beak.

The Intimate Relationship Between Pinyon Jays and Piñon Pines Is Unraveling

By Christina Selby
December 15, 2022 — Drought, beetle infestations, and warming temperatures have pushed both species into a snowballing decline. Scientists are working to revive them.
Bright green seedlings emerge from soil.

Winter Is the Time to Sow Native Seeds

By Andy McGlashen
December 15, 2022 — Growing bird-friendly plants from seed is a rewarding way to do your part.

Log On and Team Up for a Whole New Type of Big Year

By Maya Richard-Craven
December 15, 2022 — Audubon staff used eBird in 2022 for a count that emphasized collaboration over competition. Here’s how to launch your own group effort.

Top Audubon Stories of 2022: Conservation and Science

By National Audubon Society
December 14, 2022 — Audubon protects birds, people, and the places they need to live and thrive. Here, a look back at a selection of our conservation and science achievements from the last 12 months.
A Canada Goose emerging from water, droplets splashing.

10 Fun Facts About the Canada Goose

By Maya Richard-Craven
December 14, 2022 — Yep, it’s actually called a Canada, not a Canadian, Goose. And that’s not even one of our fun facts!