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A bat drinks from a hummingbird feeder at night with its long tongue, two more bats flying up behind it.

How Hummingbird Fans Are Helping to Protect a Border-Crossing Bat

By Lourdes Medrano
October 28, 2022 — By observing nighttime visitors to their feeders, community scientists in Arizona have been central to the recovery of lesser long-nosed bats.
Western Water News

Regional Shorebird Surveys Provide a Look at Changing Habitat Around the West

By Max Malmquist
October 27, 2022 — On-the-ground assessments of how drought is impacting birds in the Great Basin.
Western Water News

Restoration Efforts in the Colorado River Delta are Working

By Julia Morton
October 27, 2022 — Sound science is helping us help birds.
Bird-Friendly Communities

Why Bird Feed Can Be a ‘Gateway Food’ for Bears

By Margo Rosenbaum
October 27, 2022 — The easy buffet draws bears to human habitats. If you live in bear country, experts suggest putting away feeders in seasons the mammals are active.
Audubon Americas

Flying Together Takes Us Further

By Aurelio Ramos
October 27, 2022 — We need to erase national borders to achieve solutions with hemispheric impact, and join forces to obtain funds that allow for sustainability. More action and less rhetoric in the fight against climate change.
Clark's Nutcracker.

Climate Change Management Briefs for 525 National Wildlife Refuges

By National Audubon Society
October 26, 2022 — How will climate change affect birds in national wildlife refuges? These scientific briefs by Audubon scientists can help refuge managers prepare.
Press Room

New Audubon Study: Climate Change Threatens Bird Populations in the National Wildlife Refuge System

By National Audubon Society
October 26, 2022 — Left unchecked, warming temperatures and increased climate threats could affect environmental conditions for half of the birds throughout all of the system’s refuges.
A man looks at a disheveled raptor standing on a table looking back at him.

A Poetic New Film Follows Two Dedicated Brothers Saving Delhi’s Black Kites

By Maya Richard-Craven
October 25, 2022 — In director Shaunak Sen’s acclaimed documentary “All That Breathes,” the lives of the Indian brothers and the city’s ubiquitous raptors are set against a backdrop of pollution and political unrest.