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Field Notes

Vermont's Birders and Landowners Are Joining Forces to Contribute to Science

By Madeline Bodin
September 21, 2022 — A new state-wide program recruits volunteers to survey breeding birds that would otherwise go uncounted.
Three students sit on the floor as they paint a large mural depicting multiple birds.
Audubon View

Audubon Is Powered by People

By Elizabeth Gray
September 21, 2022 — Our chapters, our members—you—are what make Audubon successful, and our collective power can accomplish great things for everyone.

How to Pitch Stories to Audubon

September 20, 2022 — We're always looking for submissions from freelancers.
Western Water News

How to Negotiate for Peace, Resilience, and Environment on the Colorado River

By Jennifer Pitt
September 20, 2022 — Audubon’s letter to address historically low water supplies.

It’s the Moment of Truth for Saving the Northern Spotted Owl

By Ashley Braun
September 20, 2022 — Preventing the Pacific Northwest icon’s extinction calls for aggressive intervention, including killing another owl species. Will we act fast enough?
A group of nine people stand in front of a small wooden building surrounded by forest on a sunny day.
Field Notes

Who Runs the Forest? Increasingly, in the Southeast, It’s Women

By Alex Tey
September 20, 2022 — New groups are cultivating communities of women who manage their trees with economic and ecosystem sustainability in mind.
An oil painting of a brightly-colored Western Tanager, modeled after clay, crossing a rocky expanse.
The Aviary

The Western Tanager of Tomorrow

By Jessica McKenzie
September 19, 2022 — George Boorujy’s evocative artwork depicts a colorful migratory songbird in a climate-devastated future.
A small path cuts by a small library of books in a green, quiet meadow.

These Native Meadows in Motown Aim to Boost Birdlife and Neighbors’ Well-Being

By Allison Torres Burtka
September 19, 2022 — Detroit Bird City breathes new life into dormant parks, creating havens for residents and avian visitors.