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Birds Gave This Photojournalist Hope in the Wake of Tragedy

By Rachel Fritts
April 29, 2021 — For Joshua McKerrow, posting daily bird photos has provided perspective and connection as he navigates trauma and grief.
White-faced Ibis. Warren-Martin Hern/Audubon Photography Awards
Western Water News

Land Transfer Secures Nevada Bird and Wildlife Habitat

By Max Malmquist
April 29, 2021 — Long-awaited Transfer of Carson Lake and Pasture to the State of Nevada Gives Birds a Boost
Common Murres. Trish Gussler/Flickr (CC BY NC ND 2.0)
Press Room

Audubon Applauds Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Seabirds’ Favorite Food

By National Audubon Society
April 29, 2021 — The Forage Fish Conservation Act will update the way that forage fish are managed federally.

Vanessa Miot Turns to South Florida Parks in Pursuit of Bird Photography

April 29, 2021 — While zooming in on South Florida's bird diversity, Miot connects her children with the natural world.

Experimental High Spring Flows in the Grand Canyon

April 28, 2021 — Demonstrated potential for creativity in future Colorado River operations
Illustration: Joe Ciardiello
Ask Kenn!

Ask Kenn Kaufman: Are Yellow Northern Cardinals Becoming More Common?

By Kenn Kaufman
April 28, 2021 — Also answered in this month's column: Why are some birds such better mimics than others?
Greater Prairie-Chicken. Ravi Hirekatur/Audubon Photography Awards

The Surprising Reason Scientists Haven't Been Able to Clone a Bird Yet

By Rachel Fritts
April 28, 2021 — Thanks to their eggs, avians are tremendously difficult to clone. But new technologies may provide a workaround for saving at-risk species.
Snow Goose. Ronan Donovan/Audubon Photography Awards
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National Audubon Society Mourns the Loss of Adam Kolton

By National Audubon Society
April 28, 2021 — Alaska Wilderness League Executive Director was a passionate advocate and beloved colleague.