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Flammulated_Owl_David_Arsenault. Banding a young Flammulated Owl. David Arsenault/Plumas Audubon Society

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A woodpecker with a red head stands on a branch.

Get a Birding Boost: Join the Great Backyard Bird Count

By National Audubon Society
January 23, 2023 — Positive vibes go both ways when people connect with birds.
Western Water News

How to Save the Colorado River? Use Less Water

By Jennifer Pitt
January 20, 2023 — Audubon submits comments to Bureau of Reclamation as they develop new operating rules.
A brown striped sparrow seats on a branch stuck in barbed wire.

Audubon Issues 100th Bird-Friendly Habitat Certification to Badger Creek Ranch

By National Audubon Society
January 19, 2023 — Badger Creek Ranch herd in Colorado is working for birds through Audubon’s Conservation Ranching program.
A white egret catches a fish in the water.
Western Water News

Audubon’s Top Priorities for the Arizona Legislature in 2023

By Haley Paul
January 17, 2023 — Supporting water policies and management that help Arizona sooner, rather than later.
Carrie Gray holding a young Canada Goose in a capture pen.
Boreal Forests

Seeing the Geese in Chevron Flight

By Carrie Gray
January 13, 2023 — My story of banding Canada Geese in the Hudson Bay Lowlands

The 121st Christmas Bird Count in Minnesota

By Steve Weston
January 12, 2023

In the Rockies, Human Activity Paves the Way for a Hybrid Bird Boom

By Margo Rosenbaum
January 12, 2023 — Black-capped and Mountain Chickadees mate more often than previously believed, research shows—especially where people disturb their habitat.

2023 Audubon Photography Awards Open for Entries

By National Audubon Society
January 11, 2023 — The North American photography and video contest is accepting entries until March 1, 2023.